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Borley Rectory -  Claire plays Mrs Smith, alongside Reece Shearsmith and Julian Sands, in this film about the most haunted house in Britain. This film is released on Blu-Ray and is available to stream on Amazon Prime, after sceening at international film festivals and receiving numerous awards.



The Trip -  Claire Plays Detective Fiona Johnson in Prano Bailey Bond's human trafficing drama. .

WINNER - Best Director, Underwire Film Festival, OVERALL WINNER - Unchosen Film Campaign Against Human Trafficking.



Man Vs Sand - Claire plays Julia in this post-apocalyptic short offering a satirised view of the live-to-work ethic. Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond, named one of the Screen Stars of Tomorrow.

WINNER - Best Experimental Film Aesthetica Short Film Festival, OFFICIAL SELECTION London Short Film Festival.


The Magic Hour is a portmanteau feature film which includes Follow Me on my Journey to Die: Gem (Katherine Arianello) is a young British artist whose work focuses on her struggle to end her own life. Unbeknownst to her hero-worshipping acolytes Matty (Jenna Harrison), Beatty (Claire Louise Amias) and Vie (India Wadsworth) she has no intention of ending her own life and is using the campaign to build her profile.


Rosamunde Pilcher

Claire played the role of Josie Bening in Stolen Summer - an episode of the popular German TV series, Rosamunde Pilcher set in Cornwall. It was broadcast on ZDF in Germany, and 30 other countries world-wide. It is now out on DVD.



Telling Lies - With: Jason Flemyng, Melanie Brown, Kelly Stables and Claire Louise Amias.

Melanie Brown plays Detective Maggie Thomas, who has been charged with solving a perplexing murder case. Claire plays Ms Conrad,  the sarcastic teacher of the lead,  a girl who is attempting to get back at her ex-boyfriend. She invents a character named Vincent to make him jealous. But when a man named Vincent winds up dead she finds herself at the center of Thomas's murder case, and even her closest friends and family struggle to believe her story.


Provoked - With: Miranda Richardson, Aishwarya Rai and Claire Louise Amias.   Provoked is the true story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, a Punjabi woman who moved to London after her marriage with Deepak Ahluwalia. Her husband seemed caring at first but then began to beat her up. He also subjected her to spousal rape. After ten years, out of fear, she sets him on fire while he is sleeping, two hours after another scene of domestic violence. He succumbs to the injuries and she is sentenced to prison for life for premeditated murder. Claire Louise Amias plays the nurse who tries to get her to talk about the ordeal.

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