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Performed at Sidmouth and Chesterfield in the

Paul Taylor Mills Summer Rep Season:


Reviewsgate ****

“Claire Louise Amias is excellent as Essendine’s strong-minded wife who knows just how to organise him"


ORANGES & INK by Claire Louise Amias

Performed at the Tristan Bates Theatre in the West End in March

to April 2019. Claire played Aphra Behn in a two-hander about

her friendship with Nell Gwyn:


Theatre Va-Va-Voom

“Amias takes the role of Behn, creating a shrewd and noble pragmatist. In this captivating performance she is waspish and daring too."


Phoenix FM ****

“Amias shows just what a talented actor can do with our emotions."


Plays to See ****

“Amias performs the part of Behn with energy and flair as her own quick-witted lines demand."



WOMEN OF TWILIGHT by Sylvia Rayman

Claire played Vivianne in the recent revival of Women of Twilight 

at The Pleasance, London. There were two previous runs of the

hit 1950s play, performed by 11 F, at the White Bear Theatre:


The Guardian

“Claire Louise Amias is magnificent as Vivianne."


What's On London

“Claire Louise Amias’ underplaying is masterful ... Amias deserves recognition for one of the most affecting female portrayals you will see anywhere."


**** Everything Theatre  

“Claire Louise Amias as Vivianne was sensational ...  the emotion was so raw and powerful that many in the audience were wiping their eyes ... It is rare to see acting  

with such real and intense emotion."  


***** The Reviews Hub

“Claire Louise Amias is outstanding as a woman despised for loving a man condemned by the rest of the world."  


**** Female Arts

“Beautifully observed and sympathetically played ... one must give credit to Claire Louise Amias for her uninhibited and extremely moving portrayal of the complex Vivianne."


**** Off-Stage Magazine

“Every one of the actors is well cast. All of them deserve a credit, especially Claire Louise Amias whose RADA training shines through."


**** Remotegoat

“There are fine performances throughout from the all female cast ... Claire Louise Amias rises to the challenge of taking Vivianne from brittle victim to supportive sister to reinvigorated steely avenger."  


The Stage

“Claire Louise Amias and Elizabeth Donnelly are warmly convincing as heroines and friends Vivianne and Christine."



“Special mention goes to the quietly intense, deeply felt performance of Claire Louise Amias."


London Grip

“Particularly outstanding are Elizabeth Donnelly and Claire Louise Amias as Christine and Vivianne, two of the mothers who strike up an unlikely friendship."


CHILD Z, by Sarah Hehir

Southwark Playhouse

***** Female Arts

"Exceptional actors...The exasperation that Claire Amias' Sonia exhibits is palpable as we sense her affinity with Zoe's situation and her own parallel past."


Everything Theatre

"The cast were excellent and carried the story with ease... Claire Louise Amias was a solid presence throughout as Sonia, the world weary support worker despairing at the intransigence of those in power."



Bill Kenwright Number 1 Tour


What's On Stage

“Claire Louise Amias took over the part of Trevor’s wife Irene from Suzanne Shaw and made it a well-detailed study of a woman doing her best in trying circumstances. What’s more, her hair-loosened liberation was entirely credible."



AFTERCARE by Steve Lambert

Claire performed in the play Aftercare in Bristol and London:  


What's On Stage                                                                                                            

“Claire Louise Amias gives Lisa a keenly observed vulnerability."


Remote Goat

“Amias shone darkly as a strong force, driving home her character by seamlessly cohering a multi-faceted character... In Aftercare, Amias demonstrates a laudable confidence and strength in her execution of a difficult role."












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