The Secret Letter


Claire has recently recorded The Secret Letter by Kerry Barrett for Harper Collins  audiobooks. You can listen to a clip or download it by clicking on the image above.  Get ready for another inspirational tale of sisterhood and strength from the brilliant Kerry Barrett.












Underwater Beathing 

Claire has recently read Underwater Breathing by Cassandra Parkin for Clipper Audiobooks. You can listen to a clip or download it by clicking on the image above.

On Yorkshire's gradually crumbling mud cliffs sits an Edwardian seaside house. In the bathroom, Jacob and Ella hide from their parents' passionate arguments by playing the 'Underwater Breathing' game - until the day Jacob wakes to find his mother and sister gone.













Claire has recorded voice overs for the series of Doctor Who featurettes Tomorrow's Times for the BBC.














Claire has recently narrated a series of documentaries for Flashpoint Media, included on the Indicator Blu-ray releases of eight vintage Hammer films. The documentaries are collected in the box sets Fear Warning! and Blood & Terror.













Claire read Friend for Life by Kate Humble for the RNIB.

There is one animal that is familiar to all of us, whoever we are, wherever we live. Even if we've never had direct contact with one, we will have seen one, or at the very least, heard one. For those of us who live in the western world it is more than likely that one sleeps in our house, possibly even on our bed. I'm talking of course, of the dog.










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